Over-the-Top Decor Trends To Try

Every year, professional decorators, interior designers, and stylists get even more creative with new trends. With the popularity of Instagram, we’ve started to see tons of extreme new trends in home remodeling. When we’ve covered kitchen remodeling in St. Louis, we’ve noticed that many homeowners are going bold with their style – classic ideas are even starting to feel dated. Here are some of the most extreme trends we’ve noticed in home decor – would you try them on your own home remodeling project?

Bright Colors and Prints

The Pantone color of the year for 2017 was Greenery, a bright, bold yellow-green. This boldness is starting to reflect in homes around the country. Many people are now opting to paint their walls bright colors or even use wild prints as accents instead of sticking to a neutral color palette. When balanced out with more subdued elements, bright colors are an amazing way to show off your personality.

Romantic Historical Touches

Many people believe in the metaphor that your home is your castle, but lately, some of the most stylish designers have been taking this literally in their homes. We’ve seen structures and decor elements that are influenced by the medieval and renaissance periods, such as wall sconces, heavy wood accents, and ornate tiling and even skylights. This style works best in homes that have lots of space to really pull it off.

Extreme Comfort

With the popularity of Scandinavian style, which focuses on comfort in a very modern, minimalist way, many people are starting to add comfortable elements to all of their spaces. In particular, we’re starting to see sofas in every room, including kitchens and bedrooms, as well as soft textures throughout the entire house. Furniture is designed with lounging in mind, and everything is meant to promote easy conversation.

Indoor Garden

Keeping plants inside has long been an easy way to bring some life to your space, but many people are now opting to take this trend to the next level with hanging plants and even indoor kitchen gardens. This focus on greenery not only makes the house feel more lively, but it also is good for your environment and makes the space fresher. No matter where you live, you can incorporate indoor plants into your space – you just need to find out what kind of plants work in your area.

Industrial Style

While this trend has been big for a while, it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Exposed brick, edison bulbs, subway tiles, and unfinished metal are all showing up in some of the most stylish houses in the world. While this look is definitely over-the-top, it really works for spaces like lofts apartments. To make industrial style work in your space, be sure to add a few comfortable seating options as well as some hanging art to make the room feel livable. You’ll also want to make sure that your windows let in enough light that the space doesn’t feel cave-like.

Quirky Nautical

Nautical decor has always been popular for beach houses, but we’re now starting to see this trend creep into some truly unexpected places. Nautical elements such as ships, waves, shells, and more are motifs on wallpaper, furniture, and artwork, and red, white, and blue color schemes are popular as well, particularly in the kitchen. This style also works very well for children’s rooms because it’s fun and gender neutral. To make it work in your home, ground it with some more sophisticated pieces.

Exterior Murals

Murals have become popular tourist attractions in many major cities, and many creative homeowners are now incorporating them into their own spaces by putting a mural on the outside of their house. This is a fun way to show off your personality and let the outside world know that you don’t take things too seriously. Just be sure to check with your HOA before you start painting!

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