Classic Kitchen Charm

When covering design and construction services in St. Louis, we’ve noticed that there’s a definite desire among homeowners at the moment to balance classic and traditional design concepts with modern technology. There’s nothing more comforting than a classic kitchen that really makes you feel like you’re traveling back in time. Here’s how to design your own kitchen to have that traditional feel – without looking too dated.

Go for a simple color scheme.

When deciding on colors for your kitchen, you actually don’t want to go with anything too bright or bold, as this can make your space look dated if it isn’t done impeccably. Instead, think about classic whites, greys, or beiges, or think about soft colors like blue or green. These colors look sophisticated and classic and will really withstand the test of time.

Add a tile backsplash.

A great focal point of a classic kitchen is a tile backsplash behind the counters. This detail really steals the show because it makes the kitchen look sleek and glamorous without being too over the top. Subway tiles are particularly trendy right now, but you could also opt for smaller, darker tiles or different shapes. JT McDermott home remodeling services can be of great assistance.

Install accessories that really catch the eye.

Instead of having tons of accessories and decor pieces everywhere, try adding just a few focal points throughout the kitchen that will really transform the space to fit your style. For example, a classic vase with flowers or bowl of fruit in the middle of your island makes your space look much more homey and gives it personality without going overboard, and really maintains the charm that an older kitchen would have. Traditional artwork that fits in your color scheme is also a good touch to have here.

Make sure your lighting is warm and cozy.

The lighting in your space should make it feel welcoming and homey. A nice warm glow is ideal, so be sure to install hanging pendant lights or even wall sconces instead of recessed lighting, which tends to be a bit harsh. You can also add candles to your counters and tables to make it the lighting even more romantic.

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